Wouldn't You Agree?

It's Never Been Harder To Be A Broker Than It Is Today.

Partly because of things we can't control and partly because of things we can.

What I’ve learned is that success in business happens when you understand which are the foundational business principles. The ones that are constant and relevant in every industry and for every size business.

The problem that we have in real estate is that we are told that we’re special. So when we're told that principles exist that need to be followed in every business that wants to be successful, we think that they're not talking to us. Because we’re different!

Guess what?

We’re not different or special in the way most think we are.

However, we are unique and our businesses come with different struggles and liabilities than others.

I learned the hard way that the only way to build something that won’t break you is to learn from proven processes, methods, and strategies.

The reality today is that what it has taken to thrive previously, isn’t going to be enough to stay at the level you’re at currently.

How you decide to run your business right now is going to dictate how you fail or succeed from here forward.

Your network impacts your net worth.

Unfortunately, the truth is that most of us only reach out to our network when we’re struggling.

Our biggest assets in our business are the relationships we have and nurture.

So the question is… why aren’t we growing those relationships in a bigger and better way?

The reasons are different for every person.

What I’ve seen in my years in this business is that it's usually due to pride, ego, and the high school-like atmosphere that runs rampant in our industry.

Unlike most people, I didn’t start in real estate to be in real estate.

I started in real estate because I needed to find a new business that would put food on the table.

I started because someone saw something in me and told me I’d be good in real estate.

Ironically when I wanted to leave, the person who first believed in me turned on me.

They told me I’d never make it if I left their brokerage.

They told me I wasn’t S$$$.

Did that hurt?

100% it did but it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Because it forced me to open my own shop and prove to them and myself that they were wrong.

I did it because telling me no or that I can’t is the sure fire way to show you I can and I will.

Guess what…

That’s all pride, and even though it’s helped me at times, it’s also hurt me. So I’ve learned to dial it back as I’ve gotten older.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and have built and ran businesses in all kinds of industries.

Was I able to do all that because I’m that good and have some kind of special power?


I was able to do all that because I am driven and a constant student.

My secret weapon has been that I force myself into rooms where people who are a million times smarter than me share what they’ve learned and what they do.

I’ve spent money on courses, trainings, and events that taught me things I could have never learned on my own.

One of those things that they taught me is that relationships are where millions and billions are made.

I’ve tried multiple times to build a network of agents and brokers that would want to be a part of something that would level all of us up together.

The truth of it is that I’ve had very few takers.

When the market is booming, everyone’s too busy to take the time.

When the market is shifting, they are too caught up with trying to stay above water to think beyond tomorrow.

Because I know the power of what a network like this could have for the brokers involved with it, I’ll never stop trying to build it. So, here I go again.

I’m looking for brokers who are ready to build their businesses together.

I’m not talking about recruiting anyone to any company or asking you to change your brand.

I’m looking for brokers who don’t mind sharing and feel like learning is as important to them as breathing.

Brokers who aren’t closed minded and are ready to take their career and turn it into a market proof business through the help of others.

What am I talking about?

I’ll explain exactly below so keep reading.

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Below Are The Topics That I Think Are The Most Important For Brokers Trying To Build & Scale Their Brokerages To Be Focusing On Right Now...


This is different from sales and if done right will make sales easier. Marketing is about showing up with the right message at the right time for the right person. Marketing is also a science. It’s not about copying what everyone else is doing, it’s about creating things that point out how you’re different from everyone else out there. 


There is a difference between tactics and strategy. Most agents and brokers copy tactics without taking the time to learn the strategies.

For example, what’s your home worth?

Everyone offers that because it’s a tactic that has worked to generate potential sellers.

Why then does it not work the same for everyone?

It’s because everyone isn’t using the same strategy to make it work. Don’t get stuck jumping from tactic to tactic and learn strategies that will actually work.



Yeah, the words you use matter. What we hear can’t be unheard and what we read can’t be unseen. It’s never been more important than it is today to take time and understand where people are at. Before pushing some random sales pitch on them. That reinforces all the stereotypes about realtors being worse than used car salesmen.

Think they aren’t saying that? Hate to break it to you, they are.


Heard about chat GPT?  Know about Descript? Understand what funnel software is the best for real estate?

There are hundreds of different softwares out there. Some you’ve never heard of and others you may have given up on because they were too complicated to make them work.

The one thing I will remind you about technology is that it’s meant to enhance the experience for your prospects and customers, not be the experience. There is a huge difference between the two. Unfortunately, in our business there are too many people trying to convince us that technology can and will do it all.

The Market

Shifting, appreciating, or crashing. The truth is there are aspects of all of that happening all at the same time all over the country.

What is your reality may not be mine and what’s mine may not be yours. That doesn’t mean that things won’t change or that what you’re experiencing now isn’t going to change. It also doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from each other and what’s going on in our respective markets because change will happen, that's guaranteed. What I’ve learned in my time in this business has spanned from a hot market to diving all into short sales and REO.

I am always learning more by picking the brains of brokers like you and others who are both killing it and struggling. The valuable lessons show up in both types of businesses. Sharing every bit of it is my way of giving back.


Remember, I talked about paying to be in those rooms and around those people who are doing 10x better than me.

Yeah I’m still doing that and at an even bigger scale than ever before.

I do it because learning is the best way to shrink the time between desire and results. Everything I learn from being in those rooms and around those people, I share freely. I know that when I first started I couldn’t afford to get in the rooms or to get in front of the people I needed to be in front of.

What I’m talking about is providing insights freely to those who are going to value them and take action on them.

People like you who’ve made it through the crazy of our business and are still here.

We’re facing changing times and since none of us have a crystal ball, all we can do is prepare for everything and anything.

I also want to be transparent because if I’m not willing to share, why should you?

That’s why I’ll be including my personal editorial. I don’t believe in standing on a soapbox and pretending that life is perfect and business is going well all the time. I believe that in order for a network to be worth anything it has to be real. That starts with me so I’ll always be real about where I’m at and what we’re going through in my different businesses and those of my consulting clients.

What does all of this cost?


Your email, a bit about you, and you engaging with the network. That’s all I want.

If that’s too much to ask from you right now, I get it and I’ve got no hard feelings towards you.

I understand and wish you the best in your life and business.


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